Wednesday, January 25, 2012

El Clasico 2012 - Barcelona Vs Real Madrid Second Leg Coppa Del Rey Preview

El-Clasico quarterfinal second leg of the Copa del Rey will be back at the Nou Camp early day. Capital good for Barcelona in the first leg being before they can humiliate Real Madrid in Berbabeu with the score 2-1. Moreover, in a duel El Clasico Barcelona this time in public his own after two previous editions of El Clasico at the Bernabeu to play.

Barcelona has established itself as the greatest team in the competition both locally and held competitions UEFA and FIFA in which they participate. Despite pocketing victories in the first leg and only need a draw to qualify for the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey, Entrenador Blaugrana, Pep Guardiola insisted his team will not play just to chase results in the second leg this time. He chose to serve the resistance Madrid to Los Cules who played football as usual.

"If we only look for results, they would get rid of us. I understand how to play like that, but it only last for five minutes, not before. We can not play just by looking at the scoreboard," said Pep.

In addition, Barcelona has its own mission for the first time in 81 years could potentially surpass the record meeting in Madrid in El Clasico. Barcelona and Madrid so far been recorded 217 times in a match against the official. In the duel El Clasico Barcelona and Madrid passed it, they now have the same number of wins, ie 86 times with 45 other matches end in a draw.


Apparently, a record that will be solved due later in the morning match play Barcelona in the Nou Camp. Psychological problems of the players will be utilized Pep Madrid ordered the squad to look to attack and suppress the other team.

As for Madrid, this is a fight for the prisoners they can demonstrate consistency in the title race. Instead of going to stop the dominance of Barcelona in the 2011-2012 season, Madrid actually made it twice shame on the Santiago Bernabeu. Especially after their final defeat to Barcelona 1-2 in the Copa del Rey first leg some time ago, Mourinho also affected.

Mourinho's record because the scorn of the Madrid fans not content to see his favorite team never wins over Barcelona.Selain Mourinho, the problems incident to the hand stamping feet Pepe Messi will be a non-technical factors that could make it difficult to undergo Madrid match later. Although Pepe escaped sanction after the incident, Pepe is still a public enemy Publick Blaugrana.

Indeed, the results of El Clasico could not rely solely on statistical data. Imbalance of power makes the game both teams would be open to attack each other.

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